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TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. F.J. Pierce
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date7 June 1933
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. F.J. Pierce. Woodward Blvd., Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-5.
Details5 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.186

TitleA Residence Remodeling for Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Phillips
CreatorDonald McCormick
DateDecember 1959
DescriptionA residence remodeling for Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Phillips. 4141 Oak Rd., Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-4 of 4.
Details5 sheets; 4 vellum, 1 print.
Object ID2001.1.185

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Peters, Jr.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DateFebruary 1937
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Peters, Jr. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-5.
Details15 sheets; 9 vellum, 6 blue prints.
Object ID2001.1.184

TitlePeace Lutheran Church
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date23 September 1964
DescriptionPeace Lutheran Church. Edmond, OK. Sheets 1-8 of 8.
Details44 sheets; 15 vellum, 10 other, 8 blue line, 1 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.183

TitlePatrick Henry Elementary School For the Independent School Dist. #1
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date26 March 1956
DescriptionPatrick Henry Elementary School For the Independent School Dist. #1 Tulsa County. 3820 E. 41st, Tulsa, OK. Also includes addition from 1960.
Details109 sheets; 57 vellum, 47 other, 3 blue line, 2 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.182

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Will D. Parker
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date10 April 1940
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Will D. Parker. Bartlesville, OK. Sheets 1-13. Includes landscape plan by Hare & Hare, and plat of Cherokee Hills Addition.
Details29 sheets; 18 vellum, 6 blueprints, 4 blue lines, 1 photo stat.
Object ID2001.1.181

TitleRemodel for Kenneth Owen Residence
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionRemodel for Kenneth Owen Residence. 2546 S. Owasso, Tulsa, OK.
Details2 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.180

TitleRemodeling of Our Savior Lutheran Church
CreatorDonald McCormick
DateMay 1957
DescriptionRemodeling of Our Savior Lutheran Church. Altus, OK.
Details16 sheets; 7 vellum, 7 blue lines, 1 blueprints, 1 sepia.
Object ID2001.1.179

Title4700 S. Harvard Building
CreatorDonald McCormick
Description4700 S. Harvard Building. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-3 of 3, prelim plans. Sheets A-F. Numerous sketches
Details45 sheets; 26 vellum, 16 sepia, 3 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.1

TitleAddition to Residence For Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ables
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAddition to Residence for Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ables. 2962 E. 56th Court, Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-5, stamped.
Details5 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.2

TitleResidence for Mr. Clarence Ackerman
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence For Mr. Clarence Ackerman. Skiatook, OK. Incomplete set. Cleaned and mended.
Details4 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.3

TitleAdmiral State Bank
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAdmiral State Bank. 5950 E. Admiral, Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-5 of 5. Stamped
Details17 sheets; 10 vellum, 5 other, 3 tracing paper, 1 blue line.
Object ID2001.1.4

TitleA Residence for Claude Ahrens
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionA Residence for Claude Ahrens. Grinnell, Iowa. Sheets 1-8.
Details42 sheets; 28 vellum, 10 blue line, 4 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.5

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. E.R. Albert
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. E.R. Albert. Forest Hills, Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-9 of 9.
Details19 sheets; 13 vellum, 5 other, 1 blue line.
Object ID2001.1.6

TitleRemodeling of Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey F. Allen
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date13 March 1958
DescriptionRemodeling of Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey F. Allen. Floor plan.
Details4 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.7

TitleAn Education Building for Broadway Baptist Church
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAn Education Building for Broadway Baptist Church. 307 N. Garfield, Sand Springs, OK. Sheets 1-3 of 3. Also includes blue prints from 1945 by Jos. Koberling titled "Addition and Alterations to the Broadway Baptist Church Bldg."
Details19 sheets; 9 other, 6 blue line, 4 vellum.
Object ID2001.1.8

TitleAlterations to Residence of Dr. & Mrs. Ford Bridges
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date4 June 1936
DescriptionAlterations to Residence of Dr. & Mrs. Ford Bridges. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-2 of 2. Torn, taped.
Details5 sheets, tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.9

TitleAmerican Legion Hut for Carson-Wilson Post No. 1
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAmerican Legion Hut for Carson-Wilson Post No. 1. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-6 of 6.
Details7 sheets; 6 vellum, 1 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.10

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. B.F. Barnett
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. B.F. Barnett. 28th and Atlanta Pl., Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-10. Also includes sheets 1-3 of "Alterations & Additions to residence of Mr. & Mrs. B.F. Barnett" from 1936 for library addition.
Object ID2001.1.11

TitleResidence and Garage for E.O. Bartlett
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date20 May 1927
DescriptionResidence and Garage for E.O. Bartlett. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-17 (linen sheets are numbered 1-8, vellum 9-17).
Details32 sheets; 16 vellum, 8 linen, 8 blue line.
Object ID2001.1.12

TitleAddition & Alteration for R.H. Bartelett
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date23 October 1940
DescriptionAdditions & Alterations for R.H. Bartlett. 212 Sunset Drive, Tulsa, OK. Sheet 1. 5 sheets of notebookpaper found with other 2 sheets, but with no name.
Details7 sheets; 5 other, 2 vellum.
Object ID2001.1.13

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. C.C.A. Beels.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. C.C.A. Beels, Wildwood, Tulsa. Sheets 1-7.
Details9 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.14

TitleAlterations for Mr. & Mrs. Howard Berkey Residence
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAlterations for Mr. & Mrs. Howard Berkey Residence. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-4 of 4.
Details13 sheets; 6 vellum, 4 blue line, 3 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.16

TitleResidence #12 for Better Homes Corp.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence #12 for Better Homes Corp. Missing sheet 1 of 5.
Details7 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.18

TitleResidence #15 for Better Homes Corporation
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence #15 for Better Homes Corporation. 4160 S. Wheeling, Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-3.
Details3 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.19

TitleResidence #17 for Better Homes Corporation
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence #17 for Better Homes Corporation. 4136 S. Wheeling, Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-5 of 5. Names on the title block include Clyde King, Jr., Dr. Lucien M. Pascucci, and James E. Allison. The name Vaughn is also on the back of some prints, which is probably K.M. Vaughn, whose name is on other "Better Homes" projects.
Details13 sheets; 7 other, 5 vellum, 1 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.20

TitleExisting Condition of Bldg. Black Sivalls & Bryson Inc.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionExisting Condition of Bldg. Black Sivalls & Bryson Inc. Tulsa, OK
Details2 sheets, vellum
Object ID2001.1.21

TitleRanch House for A.D. Blackard
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionRanch House for A.D. Blackard. Claremore, OK. Sheets 1-3 of 3. Also includes Cabin for A.D. Blackard, Grand Lake, OK.
Details14 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.22

TitleRanch Residence for Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Blair
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionRanch Residence For Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Blair. Winfield, KS. Prelim. floor plans, elevations,and exterior sketches.
Details18 sheets; 7 vellum, 6 blue line, 3 other, 2 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.23

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bond
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bond. Sheets 1-3.
Details4 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.24

TitleAddition to Building of Bleeker Manufacturing Company
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAddition to Building of Bleeker Manufacturing Company.
Details2 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.25

TitleAlterations & Additions to Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Burdette Blue
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date28 March 1935
DescriptionAlterations & Additions to Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Burdette Blue. Sheets 1-5, 3-28-35. Sheets 1-8, 3-14-36. Sheets 1-4, 5-17-37. Includes one sheet for "summer house". Needs repair.
Details22 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.26

TitleBooker T. Washington School
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionBooker T. Washington School. Sand Springs, OK. 1949 remodeling, 1967 alterations, and prints from 1928 auditorium additions and alterations by A.J. Love & Co.
Details102 sheets; 56 other, 22 vellum, 13 blue line, 7 tracing paper, 4 sepia.
Object ID2001.1.27

TitleAddition to the Residence of Mr. & Mrs. John P. Booth
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAddition to the Residence of Mr. & Mrs. John P. Booth. 2171 E. 27, Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-5 of 5. Stamped.
Details5 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.28

TitleBalcony Remodeling For Building @ 1910 Utica For Helmerich & Payne Inc. (Borden's)
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionBalcony remodeling for Building @ 1910 Utica for Helmerich & Payne Inc. (Borden's). Helmerich & Payne Building. Sheet 1 of 1. Stamped.
Details39 sheets; 28 blue line, 6 vellum, 5 other.
Object ID2001.1.29

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Vol. L. Boswell
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date6 July 1971
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Vol. L. Boswell. 3403 S. Atlanta Pl., Tulsa, OK. Porch addition (elevation)
Details3 sheets; 1 tracing paper, 1 vellum, 1 blue line.
Object ID2001.1.30

TitleAlterations to Apartment of Mr. & Mrs. Edwin G. Bradley
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAlterations to apartment of Mr. & Mrs. Edwin G. Bradley. Wichita, KS. Sheets 1-3. Custom panel walls and doors, library & bedroom details, cabinet details. Cleaned 8/06.
Details9 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.31

TitleOffice Layout, Bradley Producing Corp.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionOffice layout, Bradley Producing Corp. Suite 4, Dowell Bldg. Tulsa, OK.
Details1 sheet, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.32

TitleAlterations & Addition to Bldgs. on West Side of Corral Estate of E.G. Bradley, Esq.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAlterations & additions to bldgs. on west side of Corral Estate of E.G. Bradley, Esq. Sheets 1-3 and 1-4. Sun porch, bath house, detail of awning, green house & dog kennels, hay barn (w/ cupola), porch addition. Repaired (somewhat) and cleaned 8/06. Sheets torn, chewed, wrinkled.
Details13 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.33

TitleResidence For Mrs. S.A. Brander Sr.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence for Mrs. S.A. Brander Sr. Plat of survey. Prelim.
Details6 sheets.
Object ID2001.1.34

TitleAlterations, Brookside Church of Christ
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAlterations, Brookside Church of Christ. Tulsa, OK.
Details22 sheets, 8 originals, 12 prints.
Object ID2001.1.35

TitleBrown Auto Supply Remodeling
CreatorDonald McCormick
DateSept. 1956
DescriptionBrown Auto Supply Remodeling. Tulsa, OK. Plans, elevations, details, and cost estimate.
Details7 sheets; 6 vellum, 1 blue line.
Object ID2001.1.36

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Bruce
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Bruce. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-3. Cleaned 6/06
Details6 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.37

TitleAdditions to Residence of Dr. & Mrs. Harry A. Burns
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionAdditions to residence of Dr. & Mrs. Harry A. Burns, 4900 S. Lewis Rd., Tulsa, Ok. Wrought iron gate; screen porch addition, also basement foundations, variety of elevations.
Details7 sheets; 5 blue line, 2 vellum.
ConditionNot Rated
Object ID2001.1.39

TitleResidence & Garage For A.B. Butler, Esq.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence & garage for A.B. Butler, Esq. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-9 on linen, 10-17 on vellum; missing sheets 4 and 16. Lion motif (shield & lintel), custom andirons, sundial, and fountain. Beautiful project. This project was part of the SAT grant, see condition tab for details.
Details28 sheets; 16 vellum, 9 linen, 2 blueprints, 1 notebook page.
Object ID2001.1.40

TitleResidence & Garage For Mrs. Gladys S. Butler
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence & garage for Mrs. Gladys S. Butler. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-8.
Details18 sheets; 8 linen, 8 prints, 2 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.41

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. W. Campbell
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. W. Campbell. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-9, missing 7.
Details53 sheets; 27 blue line, 24 vellum, 2 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.42

TitleA Residence For Mr. & Mrs. Philip Campbell
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date15 February 1961
DescriptionA residence for Mr. & Mrs. Philip Campbell. 3538 S. Winston, Tulsa, OK. Incomplete set. Some (2) of the sheets list this as a residence for Donald McCormick, but is a different house than the other McCormick Residence.
Details7 sheets; 4 vellum, 3 blue line.
Object ID2001.1.43

TitleS.C. Canary Residence
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date10 September 1939
DescriptionS.C. Canary Residence. Royal Oak Heights, Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-10. Beautiful sketches on tracing paper.
Details39 sheets; 29 tracing paper, 10 vellum.
Object ID2001.1.44

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Cannon
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence For Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Cannon. Sheets 1-2.
Details5 sheets; 2 blue line, 2 sepia, 1 vellum.
Object ID2001.1.45

TitleCascia Hall Dormitory & Gymnasium.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionCascia Hall Dormitory & Gymnasium. 2520 S. Yorktown, Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-7 for the gym, sheets 1-9 of 9 for the dorm. Beautiful project.
Details87 sheets; 30 other, 21 blue line, 20 vellum, 10 linen, 6 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.46

TitleResidence & Garage For J.G. Catlett, Esq.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence & Garage For J.G. Catlett, Esq. Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-5.
Details5 sheets, linen.
Object ID2001.1.47

TitleDrive-In Facility, Central National Motor Bank
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionDrive-In Facility, Central National Motor Bank. Okmulgee, OK.
Details5 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.48

TitleProposed Building For Century Electronics & Instruments, Inc.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionProposed Building For Century Electronics 7 Instruments, Inc. Sheridan & Apache, Tulsa, OK. Incomplete set.
Details25 sheets; 14 blue line, 7 vellum, 4 other.
Object ID2001.1.49

TitleA Building For Century Geophysical Corp.
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionA Building For Century Geophysical Corp. 6450 E. Apache, Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-12 of 12.
Details114 sheets; 51 other, 35 vellum, 27 blue line, 1 tracing paper.
Object ID2001.1.50

TitleOffice For Dr. Pierre N. Charbonnet
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date15 August 1936
DescriptionOffice For Dr. Pierre N. Charbonnet. Medical Arts Bldg., Tulsa, OK. Sheets 1-2.
Details4 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.51

TitleResidence & Kennels For Mr. & Mrs. John B. Charles
CreatorDonald McCormick
DescriptionResidence & Kennels For Mr. & Mrs. John B. Charles. Sheets 1-4.
Details5 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2001.1.52

TitleCherokee Yacht Club
CreatorDonald McCormick
DateJuly 1941
DescriptionCherokee Yacht Club. Grand Lake, OK.
Details9 sheets; 4 other, 3 vellum, 2 tracing paper
Object ID2001.1.53

TitleChildrens Medical Center
CreatorDonald McCormick
DateAugust 1973
DescriptionChildrens Medical Center, 5300 Skelly Drive, Tulsa, OK.
Details77 sheets.
Object ID2001.1.54

TitleChilocco Indian School Single Employees Building
CreatorDonald McCormick
Date1 June 1936
DescriptionChilocco Indian School, Single Employees Building. Chilocco, OK. Full set, sheets 1-24.
Details25 sheets; blue prints.
Object ID2001.1.55

TitleChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
CreatorDonald McCormick
DateApril 1977
DescriptionChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church Building Division of the Dept. of Physical Facilities. Beaumont Development, Phase 1AB. Full set.
Details35 sheets.
Object ID2001.1.56

TitleBerryhill High School Gymnasium & Remodeling of Existing Auditorium
CreatorDonald McCormick and William H. Wolaver
DescriptionBerryhill High School Gymnasium & Remodeling of Existing Auditorium. Sheets 1-6 of 6.
Details55 sheets; 35 blue line, 20 vellum.
Object ID2001.1.17

TitleBuilding For McBirney Investment Co.
CreatorE.W. Sippel
Date14 March 1927
DescriptionBuilding For McBirney Investment Co. 3rd & Main, Tulsa, OK. Creased, needs repair. Also known as the Parker Drilling Bldg. on the SE corner of 3rd & Main.
Details11 sheets, other.
Object ID1995.1.133

TitlePetroleum Club Building Exterior Skin Repair
CreatorEnarc Engineers Architects Plus
DescriptionPetroleum Club Building Exterior Skin Repair Architect/Firm: Enarc Engineers Architects Plus
Details2 sets, 10 sheets
Object ID1900.121.001

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. H.J. Sherman
CreatorF.H. Mattern Co., 505 Commerce Bldg. Tulsa
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. H.J. Sherman Tulsa, OK. Note of exterior wrapper read "Art Deco-Demolished by Ed Taylor". This house is also featured in the "Tulsa Art Deco" book.
Details11 sheets; prints.
Object ID2004.1.29

TitleBuilding For Ross Investment
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionBuilding For Ross Investment. Sapulpa, OK. Foundation plan, floor plan, elevations, column schedule, frame plan.
Details7 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.63

TitleThe Morningside Apartments
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionThe Morningside Apartments. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sheets 1-17. Not as detailed as some of Redlich's other projects.
Details17 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.520

TitleSaint Joseph's Church & Rectory
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionSaint Joseph's Church & Rectory. Tonkawa, OK. Beaufiful project.
Details16 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.51

TitleA Residence For Mr. Sam Miller
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DateAugust 1920
DescriptionA Residene For Mr. Sam Miller. Stillwater, OK. Floor plan, elevations, fire place details, sections.
Details6 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.57

TitleHouse For Sigma Phi Epsilon
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionHouse For Sigma Phi Epsilon. Stillwater, OK. Floor plan, elevations, sections, heat plan.
Details8 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.58

TitleDistrict School #41
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionDistrict School #41. Mehan, Okla. Floor plan, elevations, cupola details.
Details6 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.59

TitleApartment Building For the Commonwealth Co.
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionApartment Building For the Commonwealth Co. Tulsa, OK. Plumb. & heat plan. Mouse-chewed edges.
Details8 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.60

TitleCatholic Seminary For Monsignor Heiring
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DateSeptember 1928
DescriptionCatholic Seminary For Monsignor Heiring. Floor plan, sections, schedules, stair details. Bad mouse-chewed edges.
Details6 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.61

TitleStore & Office Buildings for Baker, Brooks & Dotter
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionStore & Office Buildings for Baker, Brooks & Dotter. Stillwater, OK. Sheets 1-8. Also includes 4 sheets from an unknown project.
Details12 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.606

TitleApartment Building For Mrs. A.L. Ferguson
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionApartment Building For Mrs. A.L. Ferguson. Tulsa, OK. Floor plan. Some mouse-chewed edges.
Details1 sheet, linen.
Object ID1995.1.234

TitleWhittenberg Hospital
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionWhittenberg Hospital. Stillwater, Oklahoma. All sheets are details, mostly windows.
Details3 sheets, linen.
Object ID1995.1.358

TitleSt. Scholastica's Convent
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DescriptionSt. Scholastica's Convent. Fort Smith, Arkansas. Floor plan, elevations, column schedule, plot plan, window schedule. Beautiful project.
Details22 sheets; 19 linen, 3 other.
Object ID1995.1.50

TitleA Building For the Knights of Columbus
CreatorF.W. Redlich
DateJuly 1922
DescriptionA Building For the Knights of Columbus. Oklahoma City Council No. 1038, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Sheets 1-16. Tracing paper is in poor condition; tears, creases.
Details17 sheets; 12 linen, 5 tracing paper.
Object ID1995.1.404

TitleResidence and Garage for Mr. and Mrs. Otis McClintock
CreatorForsyth, Duncan
DateMay 1936
DescriptionResidence and Garage for Mr. and Mrs. Otis McClintock Architect/Firm: Duncan Forsyth and Donald McCormick
Object ID1900.101.001

TitleBuilding For the Abbott Company
CreatorFrank C. Walter
Date26 August 1929
DescriptionBuilding For the Abbott Company. S.W. Corner of Boulder & West 5th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photostats of the Halliburton-Abbott (Sears/Skaggs) Building. Needs to be flattened.
Details48 sheets, photostats
Object ID1995.1.498

TitleTribune Prize Home No. 1
CreatorFrank E. James
Date17 September 1925
DescriptionTribune Prize Home No. 1. Lot 5, Block 12, Riv's'de Add. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sheets 1-4. Job 353. Needs repair.
Details4 sheets; blue lines.
Object ID1995.1.538

TitleFrank Lloyd Wright Lecture
CreatorFrank Lloyd Wright
DescriptionAlbum containing 2 LP's of a recording of a lecture on Architecture presented by Frank Lloyd Wright at the University of Oklahoma in 1952.
Object ID2005.1.362

TitleMr and Mrs Sanditen Residence
CreatorFrederick Vance Kershner Architects
Date7 October 1941
DescriptionMr. and Mrs. Sanditen Residence Architect/Firm: Frederick Vance Kershner Architects
Details5 sheets
Object ID1900.093.001

TitleResidence for Herman Sanditen
CreatorFrederick, Vance, Kerschner
Date5 September 1941
DescriptionResidence for Herman Sanditen Architect/Firm: Frederick, Vance, Kershner
Object ID1900.028.001

TitleSanditen Mansion
CreatorFrederick, Vance, Kershner
Date7 October 1941
DescriptionSanditen Mansion Architect/Firm: Frederick, Vance, Kershner
Object ID1900.023.001

TitleAKDAR Temple
CreatorG.W. and George L. Rapp
Date29 March 1922
DescriptionAKDAR Temple Architect/Firm: G.W. and George L. Rapp
Object ID1900.009.001

TitleGenets Building
DescriptionGenets Building Architect/Firm: Genets
Object ID1900.006.001

TitleGeorge G. Elmslie
CreatorGeorge G. Elmslie
DateCirca 1940
DescriptionNotes written by or about George G. Elmslie.
Object ID2005.1.447

TitleTrinity Episcopal Church
CreatorGeorge Winkler
DescriptionTrinity Episcopal Church Architect/Firm: George Winkler
Details6 sheets, copies
Object ID1900.134.001

TitleHotel Mayo
CreatorGeorge Winkler
Date16 October 1922
DescriptionHotel Mayo. Tulsa, Okla., Building No. 1105. Missing architectural sheets 10 and 15 of 1-23; poor condition: tears, creases, tape. Steel framing sheets by Southwest Engineering Co. Tulsa, OK, missing sheets 1 and 2 of 1-17. Sheets 1-6, plus one of "Details Reinforcing and Concrete Footings" by Southwest Engineering Co. Sheet no. 7 of "Lintle Angles". Sheet no. 8 of "Details Cast Bases and Grillage Beams" by Southwest Engineering Co. One sheet of "Erection Plan of Skylight Guards and Art Glass Support." Foundation sheets 1-2. Also includes 5 linens from 2-16-52 for "Addition to the Mayo Hotel" by Koberling & Roads and 1 sheet by F.W. Redlich for "Detail of Outside Stairway For Barber Shop at the Mayo Hotel", no date.
Details108 sheets; 91 blue prints, 10 other, 5 linen, 2 tracing paper.
Object ID1995.1.505

TitleNaval Air Center Hampton Roads Naval Air Station
CreatorGiffels & Vallet, Inc. (Detroit, Michigan)
DescriptionNaval Air Center Hampton Roads Naval Air Station. Norfolk, Virginia. Plans for an air hangar.
Details7 sheets, other.
Object ID1995.1.113

TitleOklahoma Osteopathic Hospital
CreatorGoodner-Van Co.
DescriptionOklahoma Osteopathic Hospital. Tulsa, OK. Food service equipment plan, cafeteria seating plan, kitchen plan.
Details12 sheets; 11 blue lines, 1 vellum.
Object ID1995.1.243

TitleDowntown Northwest Urban Renewal Project - Right of Way Adjustment Plan
CreatorGrung Helland Associates
DescriptionDowntown Northwest Urban Renewal Project - Right of Way Adjustment Plan Architect/Firm:Grung Helland Associates; Murray Jones Murray; Holway Engineer Basemap 31 January 1963, Datamap 21 December 1964, Revision 7 November 1964
Object ID1900.061.004

TitleFour Hundred Building, Rennovations
CreatorHTB, Inc.
Dateca. 1980
DescriptionFour Hundred Building, Rennovations Architect/Firm: HTB, Inc.
Object ID1900.057.001

TitleGarden of the Apostles-Fort Lincoln Cemetery
CreatorHarley, Ellington & Day
Date22 October 1954
DescriptionGarden of the Apostles-Fort Lincoln Cemetery. Washington D.C. Drainage plan.
Details2 sheets; 1 blue lines, 1 other.
Object ID1995.1.86

TitleHigh School Campus
CreatorHarvey G. Hays, Engr.
Date18 March 1951
DescriptionHigh School Campus. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Plot plan.
Details1 sheet.
Object ID1995.1.479

TitleResidence for Mr. and Mrs. Ely Saniten
CreatorHiggins, Dan W
Date29 May 1958
DescriptionResidence for Mr. and Mrs. Ely Saniten. Wentworth Acres, Tulsa, OK. Architect/Firm: Dan W. Higgins
Details10 pages
Object ID1900.092.001

TitleO.E. Keegan Working Drawings
CreatorHouse Designing Service
DescriptionO.E. Keegan Working Drawings. Contained within McCormick Collection, originally between Pierce Residence Plans and Residence for Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Stephens of OKC.
Details5 sheets; blueprints.
Object ID2001.1.131

TitleWhiteside Recreation Park Building
CreatorHoward Hopkins
DescriptionBlack & white, 8x10, photograph of a drawing of the Whiteside Recreation Park Building, originally included in a promotional portfolio.
Object ID2005.1.356

TitleSaint Francis Hospital Expansion-Ancillary South
DescriptionSaint Francis Hospital Expansion-Ancillary South. 61st & Yale, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Details42 sheets, blue lines.
Object ID1995.1.477

TitleMabee Children's Hospital/Hillcrest Medical Center
CreatorHumphreys, Hugh R
Date31 August 1957
DescriptionMabee Children's Hospital/Hillcrest Medical Center Architect/Firm: Hugh R Humphreys
Details6 pages
ConditionVery Good
Object ID1900.072.001

TitleMabee Children's Hospital - Hillcrest Medical Center
CreatorHumphreys, Hugh R.
Date31 August 1957
DescriptionMabee Children's Hospital - Hillcrest Medical Center Architect/Firm: Hugh R. Humphreys
Details2 sheets
Object ID1900.066.001

TitlePreliminary Layout Plan For the Estate of E.C. Burton
CreatorJ. Gordon Bennett
Date27 August 1938
DescriptionPreliminary Layout Plan For The Estate of E.C. Burton. Tulsa, OK. Plot plan.
Details1 sheet, blue line.
Object ID1995.1.89

TitleGrade School
CreatorJ. Leland Benson
DateSeptember 1957
DescriptionGrade School. Lenapah, Oklahoma. Sheets 1-10 of 10, structural 1-3 of 3.
Details13 sheets, other.
Object ID1995.1.146

TitleChapel Gardens Mausoleum-Forest Hill Cemetery
CreatorJ. Murrell Bennett
Date4 March 1963
DescriptionChapel Gardens Mausoleum-Forest Hill Cemetery. Kansas City, Missouri. Sheets 2,12, and 6.
Details3 sheets, other.
Object ID1995.1.361

TitleBelford-Whisenhunt Funeral Home
CreatorJ. Stuart Todd (Dallas, TX)
DescriptionBelford-Whisenhunt Funeral Home. 49th & Harvard, Tulsa, OK. Incomplete set.
Details15 sheets; 8 linen, 7 mylar.
Object ID2001.1.15

TitleNone given
CreatorJ.H. Erbelding (possibly)
DescriptionNo title. Rockbridge Add., Tulsa, OK. Preliminary plans. Found in the McCormick Collection.
Details4 sheets, blue line.
Object ID2001.1.112

TitleHouse Remodeling Plans for Mrs. George Lowry
CreatorJ.J. Haralson (606 Manhattan Bldg., Muskogee, OK)
Date10 December 1937
DescriptionHouse Remodeling Plans for Mrs. George Lowry. 2312 W. Okmulgee St., Muskogee, OK. Sheets 1-4. Also includes two booklets titled "General contract specifications" and "Plumbing contract specifications". This project was found in the McCormick Collection.
Details4 sheets, other.
Object ID2001.1.149

TitleJohn Brooks Walton Letter to Pat Dilbeck
CreatorJohn Brooks Walton
DateOctober 20, 2006
DescriptionOne page letter from John Brooks Walton to Mrs. Pat Dilbeck, Charles Stevens Dilbeck's widow. The main concern of the letter is the status and whereabouts of the Dilbeck drawings.
Details1 letter, plus envelope.
Object ID2008.2.5

TitleNew Garden Room, Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Thornton
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionNew Garden Room, Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Thornton. Tulsa, OK.
Details8 sheets; 5 tracing paper, 3 vellum. Nice interior sketches.
Object ID2004.1.50

TitleAlterations For Mr. William J. Vaughn
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionAlterations for Mr. William J. Vaughn. Capistrano Beach, CA.
Details7 sheets; vellum.
Object ID2004.1.51

TitleResidence, Mr. & Mrs. James A. Vickers
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence, Mr. & Mrs. James A. Vickers. Wichita, KS. Needs flattening. Colored sketches.
Details57 sheets; 24 vellum, 20 prints, 11 tracing paper, 4 sepia. Arch. sheets 1-14.
Object ID2004.1.52

TitleSuggested Site Development Plan, the Village Shopping Center
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionSuggested Site Development Plan the Village Shopping Center. 51st & Peoria. Tulsa, OK
Details1 sheet, vellum.
Object ID2004.1.53

TitleWaite Phillips Elementary School
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionWaite Phillips Elementary School. Tulsa, OK.
Details44 sheets, bluelines.
Object ID2004.1.54

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Weitzenhoffer
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DateNov. 1946
DescriptionResidence For Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Weitzenhoffer, Oklahoma City, OK. Originals from 1946 (Arch. sheets 1-17), addition from 1955.
Details30 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2004.1.55

TitleAdditions to Residence, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Westby
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionAdditions to Residence, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Westby. Tulsa, OK.
Details13 sheets; 10 vellum, 2 tracing paper, 1 print. Arch. sheets 1-5.
Object ID2004.1.56

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Whitehill
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence For Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Whitehill, Tulsa, OK.
Details64 sheets; 47 vellum, 7 tracing paper, 7 blue line, 3 other. Arch. sheets 1-18.
Object ID2004.1.58

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. John M. Winters
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
Dateno date
DescriptionResidence For Mr. & Mrs. John M. Winters. Tulsa, OK. 2 elevation sketches.
Details7 sheets; 5 prints, 2 tracing paper.
Object ID2004.1.59

TitleWill Rogers Memorial
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionWill Rogers Memorial. Claremore, OK. Torn sheets, sheets w/ tape.
Details55 sheets; 49 vellum, 6 prints. Arch. sheets 1-16.
Object ID2004.1.60

TitleProposed Office Building Vicker Petroleum Co., Inc.
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionProposed Office Building Vicker Petroleum Co., Inc. Potwin, KS. Sketches-one (sepia) doesn't seem to belong in this collection.
Details11 sheets; 9 vellum, 1 blue line, 1 sepia.
Object ID2004.1.61

TitleWest Side High School
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
Dateno date
DescriptionWest Side High School (Webster) Tulsa, OK. Sheets 3-9, 1& 2 missing. Plumbling, heating & ventalitation only.
Details7 sheets, linen.
Object ID2004.1.57

Title62 Unit Motel
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DateJune 1955
Description62 Unit Motel for Otis E. Nideffer (sic) Development Co. at East 51st St. & S. Peoria Ave.
Details4 Sheets; 3 vellum, 1 blueline. Preliminary sketches; perspective view, plot plan, floor plan. Not stamped.
Object ID2004.1.1

TitleAlterations & Additions, 2403 E. 25th Pl. For Mr. & Mrs. William P. Barnard
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
Date5-11-54, 8-1-62
DescriptionResidential addition and alterations for Mr. & Mrs. Barnard at 2403 E. 25th Pl. Tulsa, OK
Details3 sheets; 1 blueline, 2 blueprints. Floor plans, elevation, casework details.
Object ID2004.1.2

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. B.B. Blair
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. B.B. Blair in Tulsa, OK. Five separate folders are contained within one larger folder. Each of the five separate folders' contents were received rolled separtely. Also, some of the separate folders are marked as void and some are not. For more information, see John Brooks Walton's "One Hundred Historic Tulsa Homes."
Details148 total sheets. Missing architectural sheet 1 of 19.
Object ID2004.1.3

TitleBristow Memorial Hospital New Nursing Wing Relocation of Public Health Facility
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
Date22 May 1958
DescriptionBristow Memorial Hospital New Nursing Wing Relocation of Public Health Facility in Bristow, OK.
Details5 sheets; bluelines.
Object ID2004.1.4

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. F.A. Calvert
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. F.A. Calvert, 2828 S. Yorktown Tulsa, OK.
Details101 sheets; 27 tracing paper, 43 vellum, and 31 blue lines. Arch. sheets 1-21. Elec. 1-2. Very nice sketches.
Object ID2004.1.5

TitleAlterations for Mr. & Mrs. Simeon C. Canary
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionAlterations for Mr. & Mrs. Simeon C. Canary, Tulsa, OK.
Details16 sheets; 7 vellum, 1 tracing paper, 4 prints. Arch. sheets 1-7.
Object ID2004.1.6

TitleAlterations to Residence, Mr. & Mrs. George Collins
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionAlterations to Residence, Mr. & Mrs. George Collins.
Details8 sheets; 4 vellum, 2 tracing paper, 2 prints.
Object ID2004.1.7

TitleResidence, Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Davis
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
Date20 February 1941
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Davis, Tulsa, OK.
Details13 sheets; 9 vellum, 2 bluelines, 2 tracing paper. Arch. 1-9.
Object ID2004.1.8

TitleParking Facilities, Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionParking Facilities, Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop. 15th & Cincinatti, Tulsa, OK
Details7 sheets; 5 bluelines, 2 vellum.
Object ID2004.1.9

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Dewar
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Dewar, Bartlesville, OK.
Details51 sheets; 17 tracing paper, 25 vellum, 6 bluelines, 3 other. Architectural sheets 1-9, mech. plan. Numerous sketches on tracing paper.
Object ID2004.1.10

TitleForsyth Office Remodel
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
Dateno date
DescriptionForsyth Office Remodel
Details2 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2004.1.11

TitleResidence for Mr. & Mrs. J. Duncan Forsyth
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. J. Duncan Forsyth
Details9 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2004.1.12

TitleResidence, Mr. & Mrs. Byron Gourley
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence, Mr. & Mrs. Byron Gourley, Topeka, KS. Also includes 3 sheets titled, "Penthouse for Mr. & Mrs. Byron Gourley, Jayhawk Hotel.
Details15 sheets; 12 vellum, 3 prints. Sheets 1-10 of 10.
Object ID2004.1.13

TitleWarehouse & Offices, Hasty-Bake Mfg. Co.
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionWarehouse & Offices, Hasty-Bake Mfg. Co. Tulsa, OK
Details9 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2004.1.14

TitleAlteration to Residence, Mrs. Seth Herndon
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionAlteration to Residence, Mrs. Seth Herndon
Details8 sheets, vellum.
Object ID2004.1.15

TitleResidence for Mrs. Fred Hudson
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence for Mrs. Fred Hudson, Enid, OK.
Details28 sheets; 7 tracing paper, 19 vellum, 2 prints. Arch. sheets 1-11. Some sheets void. Also includes prelim. plans.
Object ID2004.1.16

TitleJames S. Hutchins Memorial
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionJames S. Hutchins Memorial (auditorium), Ponca City, OK.
Details126 sheets; 60 tracing paper, 8 vellum, 37 bluelines, 21 other (general notes).
Object ID2004.1.17

TitleResidence of Mr. & Mrs. Julius Livingston
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence of Mr. & Mrs. Julius Livingston, Tulsa, OK; NE corner of 37th Pl. & Delaware Ave. Very nice sketches on tracing paper, many in colored pencil. Very cool project.
Details63 sheets; 20 tracing paper, 16 vellum, 27 prints. Arch. sheets 1-10, stamped.
Object ID2004.1.18

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. T.S. Loffland
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. T.S. Loffland, Tulsa, OK. All sheets are prelim. drawings, labeled A,B, and C and are floor plans only. Also, 4 sheets for driveway extension dated 10-15-1952.
Details18 sheets; 1 tracing paper, 15 vellum, 2 prints.
Object ID2004.1.19

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. John Mabee
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence for Mr. & Mrs. John Mabee, Tulsa, OK. 30th St. & Zunis. Beautiful project. This project was included in the SAT grant, see condition tab for more details.
Details38 sheets; 32 vellum, 6 copies. Much damage. Needs conservation; tape, tears, frayed, worn, blue/black stain. Handle with extreme care.
Object ID2004.1.20

TitleResidence For Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Martin
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence For Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Martin, Bartlesville, OK. Originals and prints were originally housed in separate folders.
Details40 sheets; 22 vellum, 3 tracing paper, 15 blue lines. Arch. sheets 1-9.
Object ID2004.1.21

TitleMayo Meadow Shopping Center
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionMayo Meadow Shopping Center, Tulsa, OK. SW Corner, 21st & Yale (demolished)
Details84 sheets; vellum, tracing paper, bluelines.
Object ID2004.1.22

TitleResidence, Mr. & Mrs. R. Otis McClintock
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence, Mr. & Mrs. R. Otis McClintock, Tulsa, OK. NW corner, 41st & Lewis.
Details12 sheets; prints. Stamped. Missing sheet #1.
Object ID2004.1.23

TitleLake House, Mr. & Mrs. R. Otis McClintock
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionLake House, Mr. & Mrs. R. Otis McClintock Grove, OK.
Details17 sheets; 10 vellum, 4 tracing paper, 3 prints. Arch. sheets 1-8.
Object ID2004.1.24

TitleResidence, Mr. & Mrs. C.J. McClung
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence, Mr. & Mrs. C.J. McClung Tulsa, OK
Details46 sheets; 27 tracing paper, 11 vellum, 8 prints. Arch. sheets 1-6. Also includes preliminary plans. Many small & detail sketches.
Object ID2004.1.25

TitleResidence, Mr. John C. Mullins
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence, Mr. John C. Mullins NE Corner of Yorktown Ave. & Forest Blvd. Tulsa, OK
Details9 sheets; vellum. Frayed edges. Arch. sheets 1-9.
Object ID2004.1.26

TitleResidence, Mr. & Mrs. Otis Nidiffer
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence, Mr. & Mrs. Otis Nidiffer Tulsa, OK
Details7 sheets; 6 vellum, 1 tracing paper. Arch. sheets 1-3.
Object ID2004.1.27

TitleResidence of Mr. & Mrs. Neil Norton
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionResidence of Mr. & Mrs. Neil Norton Miami, OK
Details33 sheets; 19 vellum, 13 tracing paper, 1 blueline. Many small sketches. Other info on sketch written "incomplete-not checked." Exterior wrapping state "preliminary only"
Object ID2004.1.28

TitleAddition to Residence, Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Orthwein
CreatorJohn Duncan Forsyth
DescriptionAddition to Residence, Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Orthwein Tulsa, OK. Garden room sketch in pencil/charcoal.
Details19 sheets; 8 vellum, 7 bluelines, 4 tracing paper. Arch. sheets 1-6.
Object ID2004.1.30

Number of records: 1988 (451 - 600)

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