Leland Shumway



LELAND I. SHUMWAY, AIA (1891-1969) was born in New York City and trained as an apprentice to another early Tulsa architect George Winkler (1869-1962). Shumay’s practiced in Tulsa between 1908 and 1935.

Although he was known as a “school architect”, having design many Tulsa schools and working for the Board of Education, he also designed houses.

Unfortunately, many of his commercial buildings have been * demolished.

Fairgrounds Pavilion, Tulsa State Fairgrounds (1932) Barnard Elementary School, 2324 East 17th Street (1925) Lanier Elementary School, 1727 South Harvard Avenue (1925) Roosevelt Elementary School, 1202 West Easton Street (1926) Wilson Junior High School, 1127 South Columbia Avenue (1926) Franklin Elementary School, 1135 South Yale Avenue (1927)


Tulsa’s “Riverside” addition was developed by Farmer and Duran. These five houses were completed in 1927 by Rucks-Brandt Construction Company using designs by Leland I. Shumway, AIA. When they were new, these homes sold for between $13,000 and $15,000 plus “garage and quarter to order at net cost”. They featured “poured concrete basements, fine millwork, clay tile roofs, Crane plumbing fixtures, hand-wrought electric fixtures, stone or wood kitchen floors, clothes chutes and big closets”. Shumway Building (demolished)


* Tulsa Hotel, northwest corner 3rd and Cincinnati (1912) * Alexander Building, west side of Main between 3rd and 4th (1922) * Albany Hotel, west side of Cheyenne between 5th and 6th (1925) * Bliss Hotel, northeast corner 2nd and Boston (1929)