Art Deco Primer

Can you imagine downtown Tulsa without Boston Avenue Methodist Church, the Warehouse Market, or the Union Depot?  I hope you wouldn’t even want to imagine such a scenario because we, as Tulsans, understand the importance of art deco architecture.  It helps define us as a city, and in no small part, gives us our “sense of place.”

But, what does “art deco” really mean?  What are some examples of art deco in Tulsa?  Why is it important?
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Why should we bother to preserve churches, burial grounds, neighborhoods, or architectural drawings?  If we can agree that historic preservation of these and other historic resources ARE important, what basic tools, procedures, laws, resources, and regulations help preserve them in our community?

We preservationists clearly love old buildings because of their fine craftsmanship and sense of history. 
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Downtown Tulsa’s Pulse

Here we are – optimistically, in the midst of a burgeoning revitalization of downtown Tulsa.  We nearly lost our downtown; it barely had a pulse.  Then, when things looked their bleakest, something happened:  we began to understand the importance of our city center from the standpoint of our collective memory of the place.
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Tulsa Teardowns Trend

The National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference came to Tulsa, and with it, lots of opportunities to volunteer and learn more about our community.  Preservation happens at the local level.  The Tulsa Foundation for Architecture is hard at work

  • saving our historic places,
  • revitalizing neighborhoods and downtown,
  • advocating for good preservation policy, and
  • educating the public on several key historic preservation issues affecting Tulsans right now.

One of the most pressing issues currently is the “Teardown Trend.”
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